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We are an accomplished Childcare provider of 20+ years in the business. We've always longed for a childcare system that would value our children’s quality of learning and educational needs. we created a program that was built on ethics and morals that would build the children. Our center has a love to provide for all children without waiversing. We provide our students and parents more than expected in all areas from character building to the necessities deemed age appropriate from ages six week to 12 years old. This is the owners passion as well as her life’s purpose to continually provide quality care to children, families and community.Our plans consist of enlarging our facility drastically to properly accommodate the higher learning and advancement for families in the community with better spacing meaning larger classrooms with the most up-to-date innovative features available. My plans are to include a lay/production area, an afterschool program to specialize in homework labs, a lactating room for nursing mothers and a splash pad on site for hot summer days amongst other ideas. We have plans to go a step further and provide even better care by being able to offer better pay to employees by increasing facility incentives.